This website is designed to help you find public transportation in Ada County and Canyon County that's best for you.

The I-Way website has information on transportation options outside Ada County and Canyon County.

For up-to-the-minute information:

  • Road conditions and construction
    511 Roads
  • Bus routes, timing and schedules
    511 Transit
  • RideLine: Call 345-RIDE (7433)

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Residents, commuters and visitors in Ada and Canyon counties have many transportation options.


Employers play a key role in providing employees with commute information and benefits.

  • Outreach Events
  • Pass Contracts
  • Service Planning

Human Service Agencies

Human Service Agencies can assist their clients in using existing transportation options and can also coordinate the transportation they provide to make more efficient use of funds spent on transportation.

  • Pass Contracts
  • Volunteer Drivers
  • Vehicle Sharing
  • Service Planning