Human Service Agencies

Human Service Agencies can assist their clients in using existing transportation options and can also coordinate the transportation they provide to make more efficient use of funds spent on transportation.

Human Service Agency Bus Pass Program

GoRide One Call Trip Scheduling

Free software to schedule a trip for your clients on many of the region’s transportation options.

  • Schedule a trip on transportation services throughout the Treasure Valley: (valleyride)
  • Use GoRide One Call Trip Scheduling software to schedule trips on your vehicle: (valleyride)
  • Allow other agencies to schedule trips on your vehicle: (valleyride)

Volunteer Driver

The Treasure Valley offers a variety of volunteer-based programs to help seniors, veterans, and those with disabilities get where they need to go.

  • Coordinated Volunteer Driver Program: Add your volunteer drivers to a regional database so that you have a bigger pool of drivers to draw from for your clients. – (
  • Schedule a trip with a volunteer driver for your client: 208-345-RIDE
  • Free software for scheduling you volunteer drivers (under development)

Vehicle Sharing

The GoRide Vehicle Sharing Program allows organizations to borrow a vehicle or share their vehicle with other organizations.

  • GoRide Vehicle Sharing Pool: Borrow a vehicle for short term use. – (valleyride)
  • GoRide Vehicle Sharing Program: Share your vehicle with others to reduce your costs. – (valleyride)

Transportation Fairs

Area transportation providers will come to your worksite and conduct a Transportation Fair so your employees can learn about their commuting options. (

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